Race, And Racism In The New Jim Crow

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Dr. Martin Luther King was a great leader and political activist. Many of his views and opinions on American racism and the issues blacks face as a nation are still extremely relevant today in 2015. The sad reality is that they will still continue to be relevant for years to come. One thing we talked about in humanities was the idea of power majorities and minorities. A power majority being any characteristics like: whiteness, being a male, wealth, or being straight, these people control a majority of the power, a power minority is anyone who is not a white, wealthy, straight, male. In the U.S. the power majority has all of the power, they influence most of the major media the money and corporations. This power majority by whites is still present …show more content…
This new realization by King was provocative and his history of galvanizing people was threatening to those who sought to maintain a status quo. Many seem to forget as much as the Black Lives Matter movement is being vilified Dr. Martin Luther King was treated in the same fashion for bringing to light terrible inequities in the system. Additionally crime has always existed in all communities and if this is the barometer by which we should utilize as a marker to determine if we should not point out injustices meted upon us by those who we utilize to protect us, then it is a sad day indeed. Lastly in the book Black Robes White Justice the author New York Supreme Court Justice, Bruce Wright noted that African Americans have utilized the court system for over two hundred years to address grievances to no avail (Wright, 1993). The very system is often designed in such a way and fraught with so many inequities an economic method to address the problem is long

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