Race And Race : Race Essay

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What is Race?
Race is a term that many people refer to as how they classify humans and separate them by what they do. Many people refer to race as the religion, physical traits, genetics, or the relations between them. Race defines many people by what they are, but not who they are. Meaning that if a person of a particular race does something wrong, everyone from that race is discriminated by other people from other groups. Which we all know that not everyone from that particular race is a bad person. Which is why the world should stop discriminating others for the slightest error that they do.
Race as a social concept is how it is more than just a stereotype, also how many people have not found a reasonable way to define it. Scientists have focused on race plus studied it and believe race does not exist. A lot of people just use it in a way that it does exist to them. (Understanding race). Other times we grow up to have that in our minds, because our ancestors passed it down to us. Which is why many times people do believe race does exist, and has a meaning that we all see in a similar way. Someone I asked to define race was my neighbor, and she defined race as an ethnic way to define each person individually. Also, how each person is identified by their culture or religion or other special group. Many people have changed from race to race due to the changes that the world goes through on a daily basis. Another person I asked to define race was a local police officer. And…

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