Essay about Race And Gender And Race

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American history is filled with such rich pieces of history that still relate to the present. Many do not think about how the past still has an effect on what is happening today. For example, race and gender are important factors that shaped American history, and also there are still, issues with gender and race today. Gail Bederman writes a well organized book titled, “Manliness and Civilization” about the history of gender and race in the United States between 1880 -1917. Gail Bederman is one who sees manhood and womanhood equally related. Bederman argues that race and gender are important factors in civilization in American history. She supports her argument by using historical sources such as different people that had a role in history. “Manliness and Civilization” includes a strong argument, good historical sources, and is an overall effective and book that includes credible information. As stated above, Bederman’s argument was that during the time period of 1880-1917, when forming civilization in the United States, race and gender were big factors, which played a big role. During this time, white middle class men, were all about being and having that strong manhood. This of course is the gender part of it. However, along with gender came race. Race was a part of it because, men thought only whites were better. For example, Bederman uses Jim Jeffries and Jack Johnson, as a source to support her argument. Jim Jeffries was a white heavyweight champion who was…

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