Essay Race And Education : Discrimination

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Race & Education = Discrimination In accordance with our recent class discussions it 's become ever prevalent to me that ones race fallows a student all through his or hers years of schooling. So many factors go into race itself, but the divide seems to lye deeper within that notion. First theirs economic reasons coupled with households proximity to inner cities that all seem to domino affect one another, putting students on an “unequal footing.” In the two articles I read, one by the By new York Times and another by the U.S. News World Report, I was able to generate my own stance on the race and education issues. Their is no question that a racial connection exists between social classes and it 's link toward the teaching of these innocent young minds. A child can not help what he or she is born into, the family they are brought up within, or the location at which their home resides. The child becomes much like a pinball on a downward slope, all the while being pushed around by external factors, with no way to stop the inevitable drop at the end. This “drop” is a metaphorical term, because for them this unavoidable push can be one in the right direction, or it can be a push in the wrong direction. The races outlined in the U.S News World Report are predominately white, black, hispanic, and asian. They talk about the different starting points these children face right at home before they even bring in the education aspect. “Black parents, most of whom are less educated…

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