Race And Class : A Safe Haven For Immigrants Essay

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The United States of America is known as a safe haven for immigrants searching for a better life. Immigrants are eager to start their new life in America where it is said that everyone has equal freedom and opportunities regardless of their race, religion, or any other factors. While that is mostly true, recent events like police brutality toward African Americans questions whether all races and classes in the United States have the same rights. Race and class are often two things used by self-proclaimed superior races to harm another. California, one of the most populated states, has a distinct history regarding race. Race and class which are crucial to the history of California can be divided into Spanish California, Mexican California and early USA California to show how people were affected socially, politically and economically by race and class.
The Spanish rule of California emphasized the racial differences between the Native Americans and Europeans. The first religious order that Spain had sent to California, the Jesuits, protected Native Americans. However, as the control of the missions was given to the Franciscans, the natives were no longer safe. The religious men wanted Native Americans to become “baptized Catholics and useful citizens” (Starr 29). The missionaries believed that it was their duty to convert the race they viewed as uncivilized. The Europeans had noticed the Native Americans’ difference in clothing, language and lifestyle and had quickly…

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