Essay on Race Analysis : Race Iat

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Race IAT was the first test I took, so I was not familiar with IAT. When I was doing a task in which I need to sort words and pictures into categories, I felt hard to categorize. It was hard to remember what sides those words belong to when words of two categories showing up together. So I had to glance at category labels on the top sometimes. I make mistakes because I forgot the category labels. I suppose the reason why the task uses “good” or “bad” to describe each category of word is to test if there is a stereotype, the bad of schemas, in our minds and to test our prejudice. I also felt sort of tired and boring after I had taken three IATs. IATs use the same model to test different attitudes.
The result of Race IAT suggests I have “a moderate automatic preference for European American compared to African American.” I don’t think I have an inclination to neither European American nor African American. I don’t belong to either race. Probably, the times I see European American are much more than the chance I see African American. There are a lack of African American showing on TV shows and movies. Even though after I came to the United States, the city I live in is lack of African American either. Maybe exposure effect influences me so I got a result that showed that I have preference for European American rather than African American. I never get in touch with African American so I don’t know what I will do with them. What the exposure effect influences me, in my opinion,…

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