Essay on Quinceanera

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Quinceanera It is customary for all Latin American cultures to celebrate a coming of age party for their daughters called a quinceanera. Parents commemorate their beloved daughter’s transition from being a little girl to becoming a fifteen year old young lady by inviting family and friends to join in this huge event. A modern day young lady is celebrated with a ceremony, grand party with extravagant decorations, exquisite food, memorable toasts form the godparents, and usually wrapped up with a funky dance. Every little girl awaits the day when she will be treated and given the attention of a princess for a day. It was my pleasure to attend my cousin Daira’s quinceanera, and witness my first quinceanera in Mexico.
It was a Saturday
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The building of course was not new but was nicely kept. Once I was getting ready to enter the church, I realized that the kind architect gave people an option to enter the building. You could make your way in by crossing a slab of concrete that seemed to be a bridge, but molded into looking like a steep slide, or you could enter through an overly high. The decision was easy when I remembered that I was wearing heels and did not want to risk falling down that slide-like slope. I quickly made my decision so to not hold the line up of the anxious and excited guests.
The guests seemed as if they were all attending different events. Most of the guests were dressed in sophisticated attire, women with beautiful floor length dresses and men with nicely pressed suits. However, there were also those female guests who dressed as if they were going to the club wearing short and tight dresses with what seemed to be ten inch heels, heavy makeup and bulky jewelry. There was also the in-between crowd of guests who wore less revealing attire, women had stylish knee length gowns, tasteful jewelry, and an overall classy appearance; and the men with slacks, button up shirts with a fancy tie and nice dressy shoes.
The inside of the church was bigger than what I had expected. There were three columns of brown pews, left, center, and right, all with ten rows. The first four

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