Essay about Questions On The Theory Of Truth

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Two theories discussed in class were, the “Correspondence Theory of Truth,” meaning “X” is true if “X” is capable of correspondence to something in the outside, external, objective, or observant world. The other theory is the “Coherence Theory of Truth,” which says “X” is true when “X” belongs to a consistent system of propositions. The theory I think is the most accurate account of truth is the “Correspondence Theory of Truth,” it is based on the reality surrounding us, something we can prove. Unlike the “Coherence Theory of Truth,” which bases if something is true or not ideally on an idea, or because a hypothesis says otherwise. This theory seems to be based on assumptions really, not concrete evidence that will help us prove truth.
The essence of bullshit is phony and comes from within someone who does not care about the truth. As Frankfurt said, bullshit requires being deceitful and selfish (Frankfurt, 6). Bullshits relationship to truth is somewhat similar from my understanding, although in order to bullshit one does not do it based on truth but they are going out of their way to delude for their own purpose. According to Frankfurt a liar lies knowing the truth but someone who bullshits does not require the truth (Frankfurt, 8, 14). Henry believes lying is worse than bullshitting but I say that, that is bullshit, they are both equally bad. Therefore, the relationship between truth and bullshit is common in the sense that both are not lying, bullshitting is not done…

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