Peculiar Institution Essay

Entry 4
What did the Peculiar Institution consist of? The new peaceful institution-like nation had cotton as the main crop and social classes with the rise of wealth. However, the whites still supported slavery, with the north leading in the slave economy. Mixed reactions evolved towards the abolition of slavery, but most of the whites supported it and loved owning slaves. By 1860, the number of free blacks was almost half a million. The freed slaves exercised their African culture including religion. However, the un-freed slaves held constant rebellions and resistance to fight for their freedom. For instance, they silently sabotaged operations, killing their masters and escapes. In 1839, several slaves escaped while on transit to Amistad.
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The need for economic and social changes in the northern economy led to the formation of the Republican Party. Failure of the Know-Nothing party of 1854, called for a better party that could resist Catholic religion and slavery. Notably, the party advocated for free labor. Consequently, white laborers were given freedom while the black slavery was prohibited from expansion. Continued disagreements on ending slavery led to the rise of two political powers; Dred Scott and Abraham Lincoln. Dred claiming that only the whites be granted full citizenship of U.S while Lincoln was fighting for freeing slaves. In the political campaigns of Lincoln and Douglas, speeches on the abolition of slavery gave Lincoln an upper hand even though he was young and new in Senate politics. Abraham Lincoln lost narrowly to …show more content…
President Lincoln issued the proclamation in January 1863. At this time the Democratic Party had just won the election, and Lincoln felt that he could get a positive reaction from the majority. Besides, he had been advised by the secretary of state William Seward to delay the emancipation proclamation until the union had won the elections. The emancipation proclamation decision was due to the pressure from the antislavery northerners who demanded the liberation to weaken the South 's power in sustaining the war, which they involved slaves. Lincoln wanted to free slaves who escaped the war and were declared as contrabands that needed eradication immediately. The president hoped to regain peace between the north and south over the conflict over slavery. He was determined to convert the civil war from its political focus to a morally based

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