The Correspondence Theory Of Truth: The Pragmatist Theory Of Truth

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The Correspondence Theory Over the last century, the world has become a place of everlasting technological advancement. The yearn for knowledge and advancements in academics has brought about an magnificent change in the world. Societies across the globe are rapidly changing and evolving due to new discoveries in the fields of knowledge, but many may ask the question: How can this knowledge be trusted? How is knowledge justified? Such questions bothered the intellectual minds of philosophers centuries ago. Philosophers look at truth in three different ways: The pragmatic theory of truth, The coherence theory of truth, and The correspondence theory of truth. Amongst all the theories of truth, The correspondence theory of truth seems to be …show more content…
The theory has had a long history with philosophers of the past such as Plato, Aristotle, and Thomas Aquinas, but in modern philosophy the view of Bertrand Russell, who is a modern philosopher, is upheld. “Undoubtedly the most popular theory of truth is the correspondence theory , which says that truth is an agreement or correspondence between a proposition and some fact in the real world”(Velasquez 403). As a student of philosophy, I would like to analyze The correspondence theory of truth by comparing it The pragmatists theory of truth and The coherence theory of truth, I would like to analyze the facts and the real world, which are part of the theory, and provide some objections to the theory.
In the search for truth, philosophers have come up with many theories regarding truth and justification. The most famous is correspondence theory of truth than the pragmatists and coherence theory of truth are quite popular which are drastically different from the correspondence theory of truth. “According to the coherence theory of truth, a belief is true if it “coheres” with other beliefs that we regard as true”( Velasquez 409). This theory says that statements can only be true if they cohere to other

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