Essay on Questions On The Aside Box

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Aside Box?-
Besides charging vendors for the amounts of waste produced vendors can actively encourage patrons to help decrease waste streams by providing discounts on practices that can save both the vendor and costumer money. Some straightforward tips that could be applied to all new staff trainings and business practices to reduce waste and help save on purchasing costs for vendors are: Ask if your costumers need a receipt, if not do not print one! Encouraging patrons to bring their own mugs will decrease plastic and Styrofoam waste/use and can cut down on your supply prices. Certain coffee shops have recognized these savings and have included small discounts to consumers who bring their own mugs or bring in mugs purchased at their stores. Instruct your carry-out staff to ask customers whether they want napkins, utensils and condiments, not automatically including them with their order. Ask your patrons if they need a plastic bag or not and encourage reusable bags by offering small discounts. If you give out plastic bags let the patron know that they can be recycled at SCE second floor near Halsted Station or at the east side entrance of SCW near Descartes

Action Items- (Mid term Goal)
1.Calcuate Costs/Benefits- Calculate perceived waste management labor costs for implementing a pilot program at Student Center West (SCW) and possible revenue for implementing program
2.Design Program- Design stickers and calculate cost for the different sized bags used by…

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