Essay on Questions On School Day At Your Old School

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8. What is your least favorite subject?
This question will tell Ann what areas may be a concern for Hallie. This may be grade-wise or just simply a dislike for the subject in general.
9. What did your paraprofessional help you with throughout the school day at your old school?
We know that Hallie’s paraprofessional wrote for Hallie during the school day, but what else did the paraprofessional help with? This question will tell Ann what other supports Hallie needs during the day.
10. Did you ever go to other classrooms for additional help? (speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy, resource room)
This question will tell Ann what additional supports Hallie needs outside of the classroom and where she may need more support until she is able to get help from others.

In your professional opinion, list and briefly describe at least 10 considerations to plan an efficient and effective adjustment to this new environment.
1. Configure the classroom so that Hallie can easily maneuver around the room and use classroom resources. The aisles need to be widened to fit Hallie’s wheelchair through. Hallie should also be able to reach everything that is out for students to use such as, desks, tissues, computers, cubbies/lockers, sinks, book shelves, etc.
2. Pair Hallie with students that are supportive and welcoming. Peer relationships are important since Hallie is new to the school district and most likely does not know any of her classmates. The students she sits by can also…

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