Questions On Post Occupancy Evaluation Of Residential Buildings The Key Tools

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3 Literature Review:

The available Literature on existing work from various governing agencies across the globe, which are reviewed and elaborated to fulfill the study objective.

Following Literature reviews to demonstrate and supports the hypothesis:

In research paper Zuber P Thaddi &Sachin.V.Admane(2015) beliefs that post occupancy evaluation in residential sector is directly proportionate to the customer satisfaction level, It is also a belief that satisfaction has a relation with good housing condition. The indicators of good housing conditions is in terms of defects occurrence, so the more defects leads to more dissatisfaction. So far the study of post occupancy evaluation of residential buildings the key tools will be satisfaction and defects. Pablo(2014) feels that the customer satisfaction is basically a feeling of happiness or disappointments is coming from comparing the perceived performance of object with customer expectation. Eziji(2013) feels that satisfaction is a subjective evaluation of performance of services for the need and requirement of end user. According to Josepson in the building and construction literature word like “error”, ”fault” ,”failure”, ”defect”, ”rework”, ”Quality failure” and snagging have been widely used terms to describe imperfection in construction buildings. Zuber concluded that quality was directly related to the number of defects found in a property. Till now no study quantify the cost of defects in the construction…

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