Questions On Physical Risk Psychological Safety Essay

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In addition, Weichbrodt (2015) outlines three functions of rules in organisation regarding to safety. They are organisation control, coordination mechanism and codified organisational knowledge. He argue that physical safety in an organisation relates to organisation theory. Thus, when an employee feels safe from physical risk, his/her perception on management support also increases. Hence, a better physical risk safety leads to energy psychological safety which refers to the safety feeling of an employee to get support from his/her co-workers and mangers. From this point of view, this study proposes a hypothesis as follow:
H1a. Physical risk psychological safety has a relationship with energy psychological safety
Physical risk psychological safety is related to employee creativity. According to Walker and Hutton (2006), there are several physical safety obligation items that should be provided by employers for their employees. This safety obligation will affect the psychological safety of the employees. This study is not only discussed about employer obligations but also about employees’ obligation and it is shown in a psychological contract between both of particular sides. However, Wachter and Yorio (2013) reveal that the safety management system effectiveness depends on the levels of safety focused cognitive and emotional engagement of the workers. Thus, it means that the organization is not only invest in the safety management system but also in employees’ education to…

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