Questions On Math And Math Essay

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Going off of letting students explore, having a set curriculum and doing things straight from the book is not letting them explore. This is also horrifying because we are taught to teach some from the book, not have a test preparation book as their math book. I think it would be good to pull some stuff from that book but it is not letting the students use their problem solving skills. Problem solving skills are huge in math; it gets them to think outside the box which also helps them be able to understand the mathematical learning behind what they are doing. It is also terrible for teachers to drill the children. I am in a class now where we are tutoring a struggling student and I have learned how important it is for those students to learn strategies to figuring out the problem for basic math facts. The students take these tests and are told that test is the only important thing about it. Isn’t passing and understanding what is on the test important? I understand that they have to take them to get more funding for the school but how they are going about it makes me sick. Kozol said that students were clueless and one student didn’t even know how to read. It was also sad to read that by the time the teachers get the test scores back the students are no longer theirs unless they fail. What is the point then? The next year the teachers will just do the same, it becomes a vicious cycle. This statement was also disturbing, ““For a teacher who sees a kid day in and day out to…

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