Questions On English Language Teaching Essay

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2.4.1 ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING IN ANGOLA The English massive study, is a recent phenomenon in Angola which is used as a foreign language by the very large number of speakers such as teachers, students, physicians, writers. Its massive spread all over the country is dictated by the globalization. More and more foreign companies started to establish their business in Angola, as a result of peace process achieved in 2002 which lead at the end of war in Angola. Vanity Vaish in Globalization of Language and Culture in Asia consider that, ‘to reach a global status, a language needs to fulfil two requirements. First it should receive due official recognition in the international community. Second it needs an expanding number of non-native users. According to David Crystal (ibid,p.3), consider that a language achieves global status when it develops a ‘special role that is recognized in every country’. This special status can be achieved either by making it an official language of the country or by requiring it to be studied as a foreign language’. In Angolan Armed Forces this pre- requisite is found by decree of the Angolan Chief of General Staff nº 06/2015 which establish the English course at Higher School of War. As mentioned earlier, a language does not achieve global status through the absolute number of native speakers. Such as the numerical definition of the global status would mean that Latin could never have been an international language throughout the Roman Empire for…

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