Questions On Core 8 Syllabus Essay

878 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Out of the many objectives that are listed on the Core 8 syllabus, I believe that goal #2 was fulfilled this semester. Goal #2 states that Core 7 and 8 are trying to help “build a community of seekers after the truth” specifically, to “use what they learn about other cultures in readings, lectures and discussions as a vehicle for reflection on and understanding of their personal and collective values.”
Core 8 has really been one of my favorites Cores. Mainly because I feel that it appeals to my sense of home and belonging. Being a part of the Latino group has always been something that I am proud of. I am proud to say that my parents are Mexican and have worked their whole loves to get to where they are today. Life for us has never been easy but we manage to make it through and celebrate our culture and traditions along the way. I feel that I did get the chance to reflect on readings, lectures and discussions this semester. I also believe that many of the lectures and readings were able to relate to my life in some ways. I have had the chance to travel to Mexico and Honduras but I have never had the chance to explore more Latin American countries. Throughout this semester, my classmates and I presented on different countries that triggered interesting discussions and conversations. I had never thought about other parts of Latin America other than the countries I associate myself with. This semester opened my eyes to seeing that there is more to Latin American than just…

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