Questions On Common Core Standards Essay

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4.1: My readings about Common Core Standards and Curriculum
What were your research questions and what did you learn in answer to each? List each question and using a system of bullets or numbers, list the key points below each question in order to answer it. Be sure you cover
• General Common Core Standards (CCSSO, NGA, College Board, NCDPI)
• A middle school approach to curriculum that is challenging, exploratory, integrated, and relevant (AMLE, including This We Believe), and North Carolina 's stance on Common Core and Curriculum (NCDPI).

Question 1: Why are the Common Core Standards only for Language Arts and Math when all four content areas are tested?
 Students must learn the basic skills in reading and math to apply knowledge in the other content areas.
 The standards in reading and math will ensure students are equipped with college and career readiness skills.
Question 2: How does Common Core impact novel selection and lexile levels?
 The text complexity is based on three parts. A novel may have a low lexile level but high text complexity.
 Qualitative dimensions of text complexity refers to the level of meaning, knowledge demands, and language conventions.
 Quantitative dimensions of text complexity refers to the cohesion of the text, word length, and sentence length.
 Reader and task considerations refers to the teacher’s evaluation of the text to determine if the text is suitable for the students.
Question 3: What criteria was used to develop the…

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