Questions On Children Genital Mutilation Essay

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Ioana Vartolomei
Second Short Paper

US Health Care- Intersex Children Genital Mutilation-Transgender

After the World War II, the medical civil rights movement main focus was on ending segregation in the mainstream health care system. Although, is hard to believe racial, class and gender discrimination is still taking place in the US. While many of us are concerned with ?female genital mutilations? that take place in other countries, we might reflect more over our own health care system approach towards intersex new born children. Studies show that one in 1,200 newborns, in the United States are born as intersex and doctors still perform nonconsensual genital surgeries on the infants. Medicine should stop gender profiling approach in their practices, because this approach will promote the end of the intersex newborn gender mutilation, create better medical diagnosis and treatments of GID (Gender Identity Disorder) and normalize intersexuality within the Us society.
The question I would address is: ?How can medicine approach can play central role in gender norms within society??.
In the article ?Mutilating Gender?, Dean Spade examines the relationships between gender normativity and technologies of gender-related bodily alteration through the work of Michel Foucault. Spade talks about how transgender and transgender services providers, contribute and enforce indirectly gender norms. Thus, Spade believes that the traditional notion of gender dichotomy and compulsory…

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