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• Complete the following INDIVIDUAL report. Work was done as a group, and as such it is acceptable if data tables and graphs look similar between group members. Answers requiring commentary, explanations, descriptions, etc., on the other hand, should sound unique to each individual. Plagiarism will be considered cheating and will be dealt with in accordance with the UAB Academic Honor Code.
• All answers should be integrated into this Word document, including all graphs, charts, etc. Separate documents will not be opened and/or graded. All assignments should be turned in via Canvas As per the syllabus, reports submitted via email will not be graded.
• Please use superscripts and subscripts where appropriate. A keyboard shortcut to subscripts: highlight the character then type CTRL-+. For superscripts: CTRL-Shift-+.
• You answers should be thorough, and not only describe what happened but include how or why something happened.
• Do not personalize procedures. Use complete sentences and watch your grammar.
• Be sure to report standard deviation in the proper manner (see your manual).
Section 1: Data Collection, Reporting, and Results

1. Rates of Chemical Reactions Lab
a. (2 points) Using the initial rates method, report the order of the reaction with respect to iodate as determined from your data table. Use data from your notebook to show how you determined this value.
1 point: order; 1…

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