Questionnaire Design and Analysing the Data Using Spss Essay

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Questionnaire design and analysing the data using SPSS Questionnaire design.

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For each decision you make when designing a questionnaire there is likely to be a list of points for and against just as there is for deciding on a questionnaire as the data gathering vehicle in the first place. Before designing the questionnaire the initial driver for its design has to be the research question, what are you trying to find out. After that is established you can address the issues of how best to do it. An early decision will be to choose the method that your survey will be administered by, i.e. how it will you inflict it on your subjects. There are typically two underlying methods for conducting your survey; self-administered and
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Very expensive - Expensive - Fair - Cheap - Very cheap Cinema tickets are too expensive: Strongly agree - Agree - Disagree - Strongly disagree You'll never get it 100% right, the question above has a rather subjective, "Fair" is open to interpretation - we might have used "About right" - it is hard to not be ambiguous and leave no room for interpretation. Notice on the second of the two versions above that I didn't put a middle "neutral" value in. There is room for debate on this subject, not providing a fence for folk to sit on might encourage people to vote one way or another - but if a respondent has truly a neutral view they might choose to not fill in that question and so there is a bias in the data. The second version could be complimented by the same question asked in the opposite way, e.g. "Cinema tickets are not too expensive". We would expect to get a good level of negative correlation between the two versions, if so, this would indicate internal validity, if not it might indicate people were just clicking the same response to all the questions. Layout and question types. Be absolutely unambiguous about how the subject should fill in the question, e.g. Do you hold a full driving licence? (Please circle the correct choice) YES NO

Questionnaire design and analysing the data using SPSS

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or probably better; Do you hold a full driving licence? YES…□ NO…□

Use tick boxes rather than just blank space to solicit the

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