Quantification Of Fats From Food Essay

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Quantification Of Lipids From Food

Fats are a form of lipid around us that are used in the body as an insulator and are stored to cushion the organs. Fats can be either saturated or unsaturated, which is determined by whether or not they are solid at room temperature and where they are derived from.. Saturated fats, derived from animals are found in many of the meats that are consumed, like beef, lamb, pork, etc. Unsaturated fats, derived from plants, are found in nuts, olives, and seeds. Fats can also be visible or invisible, which is determined by whether the fats are seen and solid at room temperature (visible) or not (invisible). Many saturated fats are visible, and unsaturated, fats invisible. We extract the fats from 3
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The weight of the fat was recorded by subtracting the weight of the day 2 petri dish with fat from the weight of the empty day 1 petri dish.
The percent of lipid extraction was recorded by dividing the weight of the fat by the weight of the raw food and multiplying that number by 100.
The color, odor, texture, and viscosity of each substance in the petri dishes on day 2 was recorded.

In this experiment, lipids were extracted from chocolate chips, potato chips, and sunflower seeds, first by heating and then by chemical extraction. The results of the heating process are listed in Figure (A). The samples left behind grease marks where the oil had began to rise and made contact with the paper towel from the surface of the food. In the second experiment acetone was used to extract the lipids. It left behind only the fats from the solutions by evaporating and dissolving. The results are in figures (B) and (C). The results were the weights of the foods fat concentrations which showed chocolate chips as having a higher lipid content than potato chips and sunflower seeds. The fats in chocolate chips were also proven to be saturated because the fats were solid at room temperature. The sunflower seed oil and potato chip oils were liquid at room temperature making them unsaturated fats. After day 2 the texture of the foods varied but odor stayed
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Describe how lipids are used in our daily lives?
In food for flavor, texture, and emulsifiers. Also, as an insulator and cushion of organs in the body.
Rank from most to least the percentage of lipids extracted from all three foods?
Chocolate chips (32.8%), sunflower seeds (25%), potato chips (15%).
Determine which foods contain saturated or unsaturated fatty acids in this experiment.
Sunflower seeds and Potato chips contain unsaturated fatty acids. Chocolate chips contain saturated fatty acids.

In this lab, I learned about the different fats around us. A skill acquired would be a basic way of extracting lipids from foods. This skill can be very useful in future labs to extract and examine lipid concentration of a substance.

In this lab, lipids were extracted from potato chips, chocolate chips, and sunflower seeds to get a visual of fatty presence and determine lipid concentration. Possible errors that could have occurred during the experiment could be closing the lid of a petri dish before setting it out overnight, because this could prevent evaporation which can give you inaccurate results. This issue can be prevented by making sure to leave the petri dishes ajar before setting them

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