Quality Post Secondary Education Should Be Free Essay

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Quality Post-Secondary Education Should Be Free
The subject of secondary education, commonly referred to as college, has always been viewed as an important discussion. It is very uncommon to find any aspect of college simple. To get into any kind of major career in today’s world, people must have some experience: more importantly a degree. When a graduate exits high school, they may feel pressure or completely oblivious to the path they want to take in terms of a career, and may end up choosing the wrong path because of it. Which can lead to wasting large sums of money. Even if they may have some idea, they may end up simply dropping out, which leads to losing money. One’s education may also mean nothing if the the degree they received doesn’t guarantee them a well-paying career. The funding that students receive from financial aid from the government, certain colleges, scholarships, and even their own money can be seen as never enough. These scenarios are just a small number out of many that may occur for one who is just trying to further enhance their skills, but are met with a cruel financial fate. This debate had come to light because of Vermont Senator and former democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. His views on the topic were then adopted by his running mate, Hillary Clinton. While there are some stipulations of how the country’s finances would be handled as well as education quality, college should be free to those who are willing to accept it and work…

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