Quality Improvement Plan For Nurses Essays

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The main problem to be addressed by this quality improvement plan is the reduced adherence to the evidence-based practices, surgical procedures and practice guidelines. This especially includes nurses working within the outpatient surgical service facility. The non-compliance to EBPs has significantly contributed to the rising rate of occurrence of surgical site infections (Daeschlein, et al. 2014). Other studies have also supported the increased non-compliance to the EBPs in surgical facilities (Lonjon, et al. 2012). For instance, in the study conducted by Filho, Silva, Ferracin and Bahr (2013) it was revealed that 40% of the interviewed surgical healthcare staff including nurses did not adhere or comply with the surgical guidelines. Leaper, Tanner, Kiernan, Assadian and Edminston (2014) also confirmed that the increased rate of the SSIs is attributed to the reduced compliance to the SSIs prevention and guidelines. To demonstrate how nurses in the clinical areas adhere to EBP results from quality data. This quality data effectively presents the analytics of patient care affected by insufficient surgical processes.
Outpatient facilities have focused on quality to evaluate patient care. Surgical site infections are identified as a continuous process improvement standard including surgical monitors. These monitors present less than efficient surgical data generated from abstraction tools. As a result, initiatives were focused on staff compliance and surgical education.…

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