Quality Improvement And Quality Of Healthcare Essay

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Quality Improvement Methodology: Quality of Healthcare
Gayathri Para
Bellevue University

Abstract Quality improvement methods are tools that provides clinicians to identify problems, measure the problems, develop a range of interventions designed to fix the problem, and test if interventions worked or not. The quality initiative processes such as Six Sigma, lean, and total quality management (TQM) are tools that capable to solve many operational problems in healthcare organization. The patient care would improve by utilizing quality improvement methods and tools to minimize errors in healthcare. Quality assessed and evaluated ongoing monitoring basis. Healthcare organizations may utilize quality improvement methods individually or combinations of two or more. Customer satisfaction is an important element for a good service quality.

Quality Improvement Methodology: Quality of Healthcare There are many quality improvement initiatives to implement and improve quality in healthcare organizations. Six Sigma, lean and total quality management is some of the example for quality improvement methods. These models or the approaches make the organization to perform better than ever. Quality improvement assessment can be how well certain disease or condition controlled in your organization. Six Sigma supports as a quality improvement method or measurement based strategy to improve and reduce…

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