Qualities And Responsibilities Of A Student Essay

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Characteristics. Leadership is a characteristic that I have and express with maturity and responsibility. I enjoy helping others reach their goals in anyway I can. I communicate and express my ideas well to others. I have no problem talking to people in person, listening to their concerns, and finding the best route of action in the moment to solve problems quickly and efficiently. I am also very organized in all aspects of my life. All meetings, appointments, lessons, and classes are clearly placed in a calendar to keep me aware of anything going on. I do not miss homework assignments, for it is neatly kept in a notebook to keep me on task. Something I lack is accounting skills. I have always been good with numbers but I need to work on taking those skills and putting them to use. I enjoy working as a team but I always find myself putting too much trust into the people I work with. I assume that they are as devoted into something as much as I am and then find myself disappointed by the outcome since it is not what I expected. I need to learn how to give each person a job with specific guidelines so the outcome is best. I also struggle with setting my goals to high. I need to take things step by step instead of coming up with a large step.

Courses/Training/Skills. At the moment I am in the Medical Terms and Business procedures class. In this class I learn 305 terms that are used in the medical field. These terms will help me understand the medical perspective when clients…

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