Qantas Airlines Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Millions of dollars have placed to improve Qantas flights, lounges, and other services, in regarding to overcome their competitor Virgin Blue. Qantas have stated that they are launching a new technology of check in. In addition Qantas has notified that they definitely will beat Virgin Blue and the other competitors in this, as a reason of that Qantas network is very well known in the local market. Qantas plans of upgrading does include improvements in the aircrafts, services, food, entertainment on board, infrastructure and lounges. Furthermore, Qantas is planning to duplicate the services that they provide for the international flights into the domestic ones, and more Qantas upgrading plan has include its famous chef cuisine to the domestic routes, as well as including lounges for the domestic routes. On the other hand, Virgin Blue and Jetstar have also announced that they are heading to new improvements. In conclusion Qantas did plan and announce the plan, which indicate, improves in many areas, as well as that Qantas have shown their competitors the plan and competed them in the market …show more content…
In addition this upgrading has been specifically measured. Moreover it’s upgrading in the entertainment where they going to have a screens playing video in their local flights. Also Qantas will upgrade their food menu by including their high-class cuisine in the first class and the business class to be united with the economic level. Again Qantas will upgrade their club lounges to include the economic class as well as the first class.

Lunches a new technology
Qantas has lunched the new generation of check-in. Additionally Qantas thinks it’s unproblematic for them to accomplish the new changes and that is because the reputation that they have especially on the local sides. The new changes are quite reasonable and that’s for keep up with the competitors is quite necessary for the company. The CEO of Qantas has stated the date of lunching the new technology which was on the day of his announcement, and the other improves will be November as he said. Suggestions

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