Pyramids Essay

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In the 1950s a tour guide was taking a visitor, King Saud, from Saudi Arabia for a tour around the pyramids, when he suggested that an area around the base of the pyramids get clear of sand so the people could get a ground level of them. The chief of antiquities inspector of Giza, Zaki Nour, agreed and ordered an archeological team to uncover the are to see if there is anything of interest. While digging, the team found large limestone slabs set into the ground with mortar around them, meaning the slabs were not just a setting but had also been sealed. One of the slabs was broken and underneath and a large pit had been opened up and the workers caught site of an oar. Sealed in the pit for more than 4500 years was a well preserved dismantled boat that had been buried with King Khufu. The boat was in a total of 1224 …show more content…
Khufu’s father, Sneferu (footnote), was also a fourth dynasty pharaoh who had four large pyramids built based of the pyramids of Saqqara. (footnote) Sneferu’s pyramid was built when he first came to power to show his strength as the new king. The Pyramids showed how much power he had over his people. By having the large mortuary complex he would be able to show his power after his death and would not be forgotten. Khufu was able to prove that he had more power than both of the last kings. He built the largest mortuary complex in Egypt than any other king could or ever would. After his death his son, Khafre, would build another pyramid in Giza next to his father’s. Khafre’s pyramid was built on a higher spot than his father’s, making it appear as the taller building. Lastly, Khafre’s son, Menkaure would build a third and final pyramid in Giza. This would be the smallest of the three, but would complete the last great pyramid. Afterwards, no other pharaohs would be able to show they had the same power as Khufu and his family, making them some of the more powerful pharaohs of

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