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Good economic circumstances usually make for great team-building. Its an excellent time to assemble the best talent that wants to be part of a profitable whole. With some diligence, its not difficult to get a model act together in terms of a mix of optimal goals and objectives for individuals, the team and the organization; set up systems for open and frequent communication, peer accountability; and create a culture that appreciates and bonds the team for best results. However, even in prosperous times things are never THAT perfect… and exceptional organizations more often than not, tend to get built by less than exceptional teams. And then there are times when the economy is less than booming. The times when
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Working in tandem, huge quality and productivity is achieved, simply because well allied people come together in multi-disciplinary teams to make projects and missions happen. Empowered, mission-focused teams also ensure that diverse experience and learnings are rapidly shared to deal with emerging opportunities or pitfalls. These not so easy times… these red hot crucibles of adversity, these form the school of the greatest learning… these are the times when balanced individuals finally learn to balance well with each other… far better than in times when the next quarter’s positive results are more or less driven northwards by footfalls rushing in. It is to these interesting times that we are indeed grateful. For when the corner is turned, it is these journeys that will have made us stronger and infinitely more proficient… all for one, one for all, all for the organization… REAL PEOPLE POWER.


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Statutory Information Chairman’s Statement 2008-09 : An Overview Directors’ Report Management Discussion and Analysis Report on Corporate Governance Standalone Financial Statements Consolidated Financial Statements

1 2 6 34 41 44 56 90 126

10. Summarised Financial Statements of Subsidiaries

Board of Directors
Mr. Ajay Bijli Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Mr. Sumit Chandwani Mr. Vikram Bakshi Mr. Ravi K. Sinha Mr. Renaud Jean Palliere Mr. Sanjay Khanna Chairman cum Managing Director Joint Managing Director Director

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