Comparing Nehisi Coates's Between The World And Me

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A society that is based on the pursuit of profit and capitalism makes cooperation extremely difficult in this situation. If everyone’s only motive is to make a profit then each person will be out for themselves. Capitalism is based off of “winners” and “losers”. In order for there to be people with lots of money and are thriving then there must also be people who do not have much money and are struggling. People desire to be rich and success no matter the cost. Cooperation can be extremely difficult in this situation, because each person is only looking out for themselves. In order to live in a society based on the pursuit of profit it must be a very dog eat dog world. An analogy to the world today would be that the rich have a huge portion …show more content…
In this situation there is a lot of power given to each individual who shares the common land. Because they all want to maximize their own profits it is up to each person to share the commons fairly. If a group of people from a different country, race, or ethnicity from the people who originally shared the commons joined the community a lot of prejudice towards that person may occur. This type of prejudice can be similar to the kind that Ta-Nehisi Coates experienced in his book “Between the World and Me”. In his book he mentioned how he has felt being the victim of racism in our society today. He mentioned racial disparities, issues, and the unfair treatment of African-Americans in America. He mentioned that he felt powerless, because of unfair treatment from police officers and the legal system. This can directly relate to this situation, because if the other herdsman start to dominate the commonplace and not allow people who are different from themselves to herd their cows, the minorities will struggle. If the herdsman start to turn on one another and dominate people from other backgrounds the commons will be unfair and minorities will feel absolutely powerless in their own society with no way to make money or support

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