Essay about Pursuing A Career At The Leadership Management Field

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As I reflected on the course, studies and what I have learned in taking this course. I concluded that a lot of the information from the chapters would come very useful if I want to pursue a career in the leadership management field. I have found that all the concepts in the book “Key Concepts in Operations Management” will be beneficial for any organization. I decided to touch depth into some of the concepts discuss through the chapters such as operational strategies and functions that I have used through my years as a childcare center supervisor. The concepts or theories that caught my attention that I felt that I could relate to are planning, control, operations and customers.
What will an organization be without planning? Planning is an organizational process that is used to accomplish goals and will set the steps that should be taken to attain expected results. Since the first day that I was given the responsibility to lead and manage a childcare center, I knew that I had to take charge of the business operations and should have the ability to predict the future, design, and coordinate process systems to achieve goals. I have always been an advocate for planning and many times had to tell my team we must always have a plan of action whether it is for the children’s education or the operations of the center. Everyone knew what were the center events, areas of need, timelines, and plan of action in an emergency. I would assign responsibilities according to their skills…

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