Purpose and History of Penitentiaries Essay

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History of Punishment History of punishment exists since of thousands of years. Though, it is very tough to decide when exactly human civilization started punishment system. There are some records to support the start of punishment system. The earliest legal code may have been that of Ur-Nammu, Founder of third dynasty of Ur at
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In mythology of Ramayana it is already into picture. In the civilization of human being prison can be seen into existence since 16th and 17th centuries. These prisons were called houses of correction and so many of them were built in England. During this period prison was not a punishment at all. It was the place where criminals were kept who are awaiting their sentences or looking for judicial process to complete. During this period prisons were poorly maintained and commanded by irresponsible commandants. During mid-18th century prison development was on track as confinement with hard labor was beginning to seen as substitute for petty crime. In 18th century solitary confinement was seen as a punishment. The idea was first tried out in USA at Eastern State Penitentiary, which was opened in Cherry hill in Philadelphia in 1829. The management of this type of system was called separate System. Meanwhile another management system called “Silent System” arouses. In 19th century capital punishment was seen as inappropriate and Jail was the good replacement for it. 19th century saw a birth of state prison. The first national penitentiary was completed at Millbank in London, in 1816. In 1842 Pentonville prison was built using the Panoptican design. In 1877 prisons were brought under prison commission. 20th century has

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