Purpose Of My Action Research Essay

1015 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
The purpose of my action research was to address how I can maintain my learners’ interest and motivation throughout a maths lesson. Many of these students were observed to lack engagement because they did not choose to study maths and only required to either attend classes in order to obtain their chosen vocational qualification.

I found the most important part of my action research was to develop an accurate assessment of the situation, gather good evidence from a variety of sources and have a clear understanding of my reconnaissance before I defined a plan of action to carry it out.

I am aware that I have to provide a good service to all my learners and I always reflect and critically appraise my own practice, what works best in my teaching by observing my students closely, analysing their needs and using my evaluations to adjust my teaching accordingly. However, using the systematic approach of action research I felt I owned the identified issues and I was responsible and accountable for solving these through teamwork by following Lewin’s action research spiral (McNiff, J; Whitehead, J, 2005) as a framework for my project.

I know my subject well, prepare my lessons carefully to meet the needs of my learners’ yet still found that I was having difficulty in motivating, engaging and maintaining their interest so I focussed on three interventions starting with varying the tone of my voice and generally being more animated during lesson delivery, introducing starter…

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