Purpose and History of Punishment Essay

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Purpose and History of Punishment
The American society of punishment has been heavily based on British law, which has in turn grown from Western capital punishment and personal retribution. In the seventh century A.D. leaders in government have begun to realize that crimes harmed society. The government started becoming more involved in controlling crimes and punishment for the crimes being committed. To protect the citizens the leaders of the governing body assembled a set of laws that were passed along with punishments for crimes. The government devised a list of different crimes that could have several different punishments, so the government determined a list of punishments that could fit the crimes. Throughout this era many of the
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The prison system in this time was maintained very poorly and the guards where very neglect ant of their duties. Many of the prisoners died of disease before they were able to go to a trial process because of the poor conditions in the prison system. In the eighteenth century the prison system brought more death form convictions for even petty crimes do to this many jurors tried to make sure the defendant was not found guilty so they would not be sentenced to death for a petty crime. Mid eighteenth century hard labor was considered an appropriate sanction for petty crimes. The eighteenth century also saw the birth of the state prison system. The first national penitentiary was established in 1816 in Millbank London. This prison held 860 prisoners that were kept in separate cells. In 1842 the Pentonville prison was established and is still in use today. Pentonville was held to hold about just over 500 prisoners in a solitary confinement form of structure. In 1898 the prison act was an acknowledge amendment as a main role in the prison regime. This act has set the penal codes of welfare that are used in the prison system today. Today there are over 140 prisons in England and over 100,000 prisons in the United States that follow the codes of the prison act (History of Prison System, Jan).
Two main prison systems that have been used over time the Pennsylvania system and the Auburn system. The Pennsylvania system was formed in the

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