Puritans And The New England Essay

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Between the 1630s and 1660s, waves of immigrant and religiously oppressed Puritans upon the Winthrop fleet traveled from England to New England, and settled in the region known as the Massachusetts Bay. In opposition to existent New England inhabitants, Puritans established a colony in resistance to the throne, altering the religious, political, and social advancement of forthcoming New England colonies. As a result of the Puritan 's mind set on work ethic and commonwealth ideals, the economic system would present itself. Additionally, the Puritans politically would set the layout for self government in future time periods by bringing the colonial community together as one, in unity. Social life between the Puritans would help shape future generations of new colonies, leaders, and citizens. Simply put, Puritanism was a way of being, that has been engraved in American life ever since. From the economic development of New England, the Puritans influenced the Massachusetts Bay region by having a positive work ethic, and a community based on Bible commonwealth and Protestant work ethic. In 1653, Robert Keayne stated in his last testament or will, he has not “lived an idle, lazie or dronish life, nor spent my time wantonly…” (Document I). Robert Keayne is conveying he has not wasted a second of his life by being an effective member of his community through hard work. Moreover, the mindset of Robert Keayne, or the Protestant work ethic, demonstrates to achieve success from…

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