Puppy Mills And The United States Essay

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With the holidays approaching many young couples look to getting their significant other a puppy for Christmas. But what they do not know is that puppy could have been bred in one of the most inhumane ways. Puppy mills are all over the United States, and the government has turned their cheeks to the horrors behind those barn doors. Dogs are kept in small crates often filled with their own feces. They do not get bathed regularly and get little to no veterinary attention so this often leads to infection and they are bred at every opportunity with little to no recovery time in between. If they can no longer breed they are killed. Puppies are taken from their mothers at the first opportunity and sold unless it has a defect then it is killed.
There are outdoor and indoor puppy mills. Both puppy mills use the same methods to breed and treat their dogs. Dogs in outdoor puppy mills are exposed to the elements year round, often without any type of shelter. Dogs in indoor puppy mills (often a large barn or warehouse style) are put in stacked metal crates that damage their paws. Both shelters risk dogs overheating in the summer, and freezing to death in the winter.
Puppy mills are a problem not only for the animals but for the owners. These dogs can grow up to have behavioral issues. Because these dogs are used to sitting in their own filth they have potty training issues. Franklin D. McMillian from Best Friend Animal Society conducted a study where they examined that “puppy…

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