Puppy Mill Essay

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Dogs are known as a man’s best friend; they are always there for you and love you unconditionally. We welcome them into our home and family and give them love and attention, which they kindly give in return. However, some people only think of dogs as a way to make profit, in a place called a puppy mill. A puppy mill is a commercial dog breeding facility where profit is placed above the well being of the dogs. Puppy mills should be illegal in the United States because of the horrendous conditions, illnesses and behavioral issues it causes, and negative environmental conditions they create.

Puppy mills are notorious for overbreeding, which leads to overcrowding in these facilities and well as the pet overpopulation in the United States.
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One reason that many dogs fall ill is that the breeders do not remove sick dogs from their breeding pools. Then they breed these dogs and new puppies are prone to congenital and hereditary conditions like epilepsy, musculoskeletal disorders, and respiratory disorders. Puppies that arrive in pet stores and in their new homes tend to have parvovirus, kennel cough, fleas, and heartworm. Every day the Humane Society receives complaints about sick puppies. From 2007 to 2001 their puppy mill campaign received 2,479 puppy buyer complaints: 40% of puppies were purchased and ill or became ill that was likely present at purchase, 34% of dogs suffers from a significant congenital or inherited condition, 15% of puppies died shortly after purchase, 3% had temperament issue that affected the dog’s quality of life or family safety (some cases has sever aggression that resulted in euthanasia), 2% were returned to store or breeder due to illness because owners couldn’t afford veterinary care, and 6% were other complaints (didn’t receive papers, general signs of neglect, misinterpretation of puppy’s breed) (HSUS). A problem that is not commonly recognized is that these dogs have illnesses or parasites that are transmissible to humans. A common place where this happens is flea markets; they are one of the last unregulated places for questionable puppy sellers. During a flea market there are so many …show more content…
Due to the fact that they are not caring properly for the dogs, it is only time before dogs die because of the conditions. The owners of the puppy mills then have to dispose of the dogs, which tend to be an improper way of disposing them; this is in violation of environmental laws. A huge environmental problem is with dog feces; this not only causes problems for the dogs but also can be harmful to humans. Dogs here lack basic care so it isn’t uncommon for them to be infected with and carry pathogens. Dog feces contain pathogens that can survive for a long time in water that seeps into the ground and eventually ends up into major rivers, which are major sources of public drinking water. In one example, “a stream downhill from a West Virginia puppy mill was found to have a coliform bacteria load 400 times greater than the legal limit” (HSUS). The dog feces also transfer to the soil; there is a high probability that any person or animal that comes into contact with the waste will get infected. The pathogens can be harmful to humans and even cause deadly infections. In puppy mills it is common for dog feces to build up on the ground. This produces methane, which is a powerful and dangerous greenhouse gas. Also, letting the feces build up causes them to become drier and flaky; this allows the particles to be picked up and become airborne. This can eventually lead to

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