Punctuation In Local Government

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Jordan (2003) explained that local government expenditures goes through punctuations. This is due to the implementation of certain policies. The author also highlighted that expenditures are incremental in that the allocation of spending can also lead to stability in cities. Wood & Waterman (1993) focused on the way political institutions has affected bureaucratic behavior. They explained that bureaucrats go through an adaptation processes in the political environment sending and receiving multiple stimuli and stimulus. Rourke (1991) explained the level of involvement of bureaucratic role in policy development and the way administrative agencies has been impacted by changes in the political arena.
Punctuations in the Local Government Budget
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The author claimed that punctuations in expenditures within local government is related to public housing, highways police, fire, sanitation, park, policy types and recreation. Another reason noted by the author for changes in expenditures is demographics that are represented within a city. For instance, certain groups within a community can demand certain goods and services from their local government decision makers. The good and services being produced can affect local government funding. The author also noted that fluctuations in federal and state revenue source has an impact on local government expenditure, as well. As Peters (2013) explained federal expenditures can be uncontrollable due to entitlement programs such as those related to Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment benefits. He also discussed that the allocation of federal funds set by Congress and the president can be difficult in that decision on how much money will be spent and by whom can be a complicated process. Correspondingly, punctuated events, the public and implementation of policies can affect the flow of

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