Pulling Up At The Crime Scene Essay

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Pulling up to the crime scene Rachel sees Kirk busily logging in the evidence. Looking around she sees the rest was quickly processing the scene. Glancing up Kirk sees his boss walking towards him.
"Hi, Sergeant." He says, placing a small envelope into a box.
"What happened here?"

"The victim was shot in the head with a 22. We 've found a shell casing with fingerprints on it, a footprint and a woman 's bracelet."
"A woman 's bracelet?"
"Yeah, one of the female officers said it 's a Pandora Bracelet. Whatever that means."
"It means it 's a very expensive piece of jewelry. Can I see it?" He pulls a clear bag from the box. Rachel starts studying it."
"Be sure to check for DNA and finger prints."
"We will."
"Let me know what you find." She says, answering her phone.

"She remembered something? Ok I 'll be right there
"Who was that Sergeant?"
"Jerry, he said that Julia remembered something that might help the case."
Rachel sees Julia finishing up her snacks when she walked in the door.
"I heard you thought of something?"
“Yeah, I remembered a glass that he 'd picked up from a bar he visited over the weekend."
"Do you remember where he got it from?"
"No, but it has the bar logo on it. I sent my new lawyer, Mark over to get it."
"What happened to the pretty bracelet you was wearing?" Julia quickly checks her wrists.
"Oh my god it is gone." She says. Jumping up from her chair she started looking around, but couldn 't find it anywhere.
"Maybe I lost it in the restroom or by the…

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