Public Schools And Public School Board Meeting Essay

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The beauty of a democracy is the accessibility and availability for citizens to voice their opinions. It is especially valuable for citizens to feel free to have their questions, comments and concerns heard. Having spaces where there is communication between the public and private groups is essential to retain a cohesive community. By public, I refer to John Dewey’s interpretation of these terms; to any who are effected either directly or indirectly by actions of private parties, and by private, meaning those with the power to change or alter their environment. Public school board meetings are such spaces. It allows for the consumers of education to be heard by the “producers” of education, or staff personnel involved. Ideally, concerns and comments would be voiced, ideas within the private group (board members) will collaborate, and actions will be taken to suit the worries of the consumers. I observed this flow of action (or lack of) in the Chicago Public School board meeting.
At the commencement of the meeting the public participants and observers entered through security and allocated into rooms. Those in power, were presented first, with some personnel missing due to external factors. Their physical positioning clearly defined who was in power and who was not. They were elevated above others with the public surrounding behind a smaller shorter boundary. I sensed more of a “trial court feeling” than anything else. This presented the school board members as judicial…

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