Public Relationship And Attitude Of Law Enforcement Essay

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The public relationship and attitude of law enforcement over the past few years has been moving in a positive direction. (Dowler, 2003). This is not the case for some cities. Some challenges that are causing resentment to law enforcement remain with faulty methods of policing. These are creating more issues as time goes on. This is nothing new. The history here has been full of racial discrimination and improper policing methods. By examining reports from the U.S. Department of Justice as well as other references, we will talk about the faulty policing methods. One city on which this analysis will focus is Baltimore, Maryland.
The main topics that will be discussed in this paper is, the way stops, arrest, and frisk among minority groups in Baltimore is racially motivated. The philosophy of Broken Windows policing and how it is applied in the Baltimore. I will be discussing how this form of policing is impacted by the environment. I will be discussing institutional racial biased in the policing community with use of media and promotion of racial deterrence.
Summary of DOJ report
The DOJ reports give many different facts regarding the policing style in Baltimore. The key points that were talked about in the reports include, police violating civil rights. Misusing these rights such as unlawful stops, searches, and seizers. The DOJ staff report about the history and how it was hurt the community over time.
One question that comes to mind with Broken Windows Policing is, is…

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