Public Relations And Marketing : A Merger For The Twenty First Century

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Public Relations and Marketing: A Merger for the Twenty-First Century
Traditionally working side by side, the distinction between marketing and public relations appears to be fading if not already diminished completely. With the exponential growth of social media and mass communication throughout the world, the landscape of commercial and personal representation has been immensely changed. Now, more than ever, through technology the connection between the population, companies, and figureheads is more intimate and involved than ever before. This change in parameters has allowed PR and marketing groups to come together and provide a link between customer, company, and product. Going forth, it is the aim of this paper to analyze and explain the advantages and implications, as well as give examples of this new practice found in today’s news.
In order to appreciate the amalgamation of these to practices it is important to first know the functions of each and where they stand today as individual disciplines. Marketing, is the practice of encouraging the exchange of goods and services in return for compensation, often of greater value than the original worth of the product sold. The measure of every good marketing department lies in its ability to sell products and produce revenue. In today’s age the dated methods of marketing are not enough, it is no longer adequate to just sell a product, a great product should be trending or have a verb made up in its names likeness. While…

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