Essay on Public Health Research on Bangladesh

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In English there is a saying, “Health is wealth.” Basically with this everyone can easily realize that how much the health is important for a human being. To be a one everyone should maintain a very nice and fit health. Most of us know that if you wanted to have a good life, you should have a healthy lifestyle. The things that come to my mind when I heard lifestyle is the kind of food a person eats and how a person treats himself or herself. From my point of view, I would like to define healthy Lifestyle as the comparison of our daily habits, our eating habits, and our exercise habits etc. The health is of two kinds: one is Physical Health and the other is Mental Health.
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After all, we know what Healthy is and we also know what Lifestyle is. Let‘s first start with what Health is-
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Interestingly enough, “health is not simply defined as just the absence of disease”. The actual definition of Healthy Lifestyle is the steps, actions and strategies one puts in place to achieve optimum health. Healthy Living is about taking responsibility and making smart health choices for today and for the future. Eating right, getting physically fit, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness and prevention are all apart of creating a healthy lifestyle. Since all aspects of one’s self, must work in harmony to achieve wellness, one need to put balanced energy into each aspect of him or her.
The body or Physical health requires good nutrition,appropriate weight,beneficial exercise, adequate rest and proper stress management.

The mind or Emotional health needs self-supportive attitudes, positive thoughts and viewpoints and a positive self-image. We also need to give and receive forgiveness, love and compassion; we need to laugh and experience happiness; weneed joyful relationships with others and ourselves.
The spiritual healthrequires inner calmness, openness to our creativity, and trust in our inner knowing. And for some

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