Public Health Problem : Cardiovascular Disease Essay

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Public Health Problem
Cardiovascular disease, more commonly known as heart disease, is a noninfectious, chronic, degenerative disease that has extensive historical documentation from over the ages but has become progressively prevalent with the rise of modern society. Cardiovascular disease currently stands as the leading cause of death in the United States, affecting both genders indiscriminately and is responsible for almost fifty percent of deaths that occur. It has recently become an area of intense scientific and medical investigation in collaboration with Public Health to ameliorate this health crisis.
Cardiovascular disease most commonly develops in people for the three following reasons: (A) genetic makeup (this includes disorders and familial inheritance), (B) smoking and its repercussions and finally (C) personal choices and lifestyle habits (particularly those relating to diet consumption and physical exercise). Some forms heart disease originate from genetic consequences that are out of an individual’s control such as family history of increased blood pressure and cholesterol that can contribute to heart disease or more serious genetic disorders that impair the heart’s components and vital functions that can attribute to or worsen heart disease. Smoking has been scientifically proven to damage vital components of the cardiovascular system such as arteries and vessels and cause harm to flow of oxygen[3] and causes buildup of toxic substances such carbon monoxide…

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