Public Funding Should Be Legal Essay

808 Words Nov 12th, 2016 4 Pages
3) “Science that is supported by public funding should be subject to more stringent regulation and ethical scrutiny than privately-funded science.” Discuss.

In the world of science, just like regular law and jurisdiction, scientists are subjected to regulations too when conducting their scientific research. This is to ensure that they abide by moral duties and responsibilities. The mode of regulation in science can occurs at different levels such as institutional rules, professional bodies, national law and also international regulation (4). In the funding of science, the way by which scientific activities are overseen are different in publicly-funded research and privately-funded research. Public funded research is usually carried out by the government and universities where sources came in the form of grants. Research councils are the organization which provides research funding. Whereas, private funded research is mainly done by the corporations itself, be it through private companies, crowd-funding and foundations. It is thought that researches done using government money should always be utilized in the best way possible and as careful as can be. This has lead to a call in which stricter regulation and scrutiny should be introduced. Why it is so, and not otherwise? First and foremost, making a claim for the intellectual property(IP) of government-sponsored research often resulted in a debate, as there need to be a balance between private interests and public…

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