Psychotherapeutic Drugs Essay

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The issue regarding different concerns around drugs will always be a debatable issue within in America. There are many illegal drugs that are distributed to individuals within different outlets. Some drugs are distributed throughout the streets of neighborhoods and others are distributed within the medical communities. But the distribution of drugs is not the issue that spikes controversy. It is the amount or dosage of drugs that leads individuals to debate. One particular drug that is a very debatable concern is psychotherapeutic drugs. Psychotherapeutic drugs are medicines that are prescribed by medical physicians to mental illness patients. But are these psychotherapeutic drugs overprescribed to mental illness patients? Many Americans are …show more content…
I strongly agree that psychotherapeutic drugs are being overprescribed to mental illness patients. But not only they are being overprescribed to individuals but individuals who are taking these overprescribed prescriptions are at risk for their health also. If psychotherapeutic drugs are prescribed on casually basis this can lead to harmful adverse effects and long term medical effects. Drugs have adverse side effects. However once a drug is being overprescribed to a patient, they are at a higher risk for severe reverse effects. Such as, weight gaining, skin rashes, heartbeat abnormalities, low blood pressure, blurred vision and more. The process of taking medication is often illustrated as a give and take form of system. The drugs that individuals take are known to ease any type of pain or illness but over a period of time if the drugs are overprescribed, they also will cause side effects. Therefore, when a mental patient is taking medicine that is being overprescribed to them, they are reaching a higher state of the “give and take” system which leads to higher risks of side effects. Most of these reverse side effects that were mentioned are acute effects but an individual can also have chronic effects as well. These chronic effects can lead to long term medical complications. Most of the long term complications are permanent and can risk mental illness patients for other harsh diseases. For instance, there is a specific medication called antipsychotic that is known to lead individuals to a disease as known as tardive dyskinesia. TD, tardive dyskinesia, can be a very severe disease that causes uncontrollable movements of the muscles. However it is a disease that has no cure as well. An additional long term medical effect by using medication that is overprescribed to mental patients is that they are at a high risk for

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