Essay on Psychology, Theology, And Spirituality

1302 Words Jun 18th, 2015 6 Pages
4MAT Review on McMinn
Stephanie Dooley
Liberty University

Summary This is a review on the book Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling written by Mark R. McMinn, Ph.D. This book is a great resource for someone who has chosen the path of Christian counseling. The author states that the main idea of the book is, “this is a book for those wanting to investigate the frontier of intra-disciplinary integration” (McMinn, 2011, p. 9). McMinn talks about religious interventions as they relate to integration along with challenges that Christian counselor may face. Integration is achieved not only by having a strong biblical and theological foundation but in addition having a person’s spiritual discipline included. The next sections walk the reader through the theological themes that are relevant to intra-disciplinary integration. McMinn starts by talking about prayer and for the author, spiritual discipline and prayer are important aspects to spiritual and psychological health. With that in mind however, many counselors are not adequately trained in the field of theology and do not have the skills to effectively integrate therapy with prayer. In addition to these issues, ethical dilemmas that the counselor comes across when praying with their client can also be a challenge. The author talks about several models that a counselor can use to integrate praying into a session but each model comes with the risk of being misused if not properly…

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