Essay about Psychology : Psychology And Psychology

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Psychiatry versus Psychology
Often, when asked the difference, people will confuse the Psychiatry and Psychology professions. Even more often people will go so far as to say they are interchangeable. While these two professions can overlap and do have many similarities, they are not the same. In this paper I will focus on three main points of comparison between both practices. These points will be Education and Licensure requirements, Objective of Practitioners, and Focus of their fields.
According to the American Psychological Association website Psychology is defined as "... a diverse discipline, grounded in science, […] nearly boundless applications in everyday life. Some psychologists do basic research, developing theories and testing them through carefully honed research methods involving observation, experimentation and analysis. Other psychologists apply the discipline 's scientific knowledge to help people, organizations and communities function better. " (, June 2016)
While the Psychologist Clinician can require as little as a Bachelor 's degree in Psychology, it is more common for Psychologists to obtain a PhD or PsyD (Doctorate of Psychology) and State License to practice Psychology in an office setting. The undergraduate degree route usually requires oversight by a licensed PhD in a clinical or corporate office. The American Psychological Association website states... "Graduates with a master’s degree in psychology may qualify for positions in school…

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