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The aim of this essay is to consider the psychological factor of social influence could be contributing to the current situation of an 8 year old girl who is suffering with asthma, she lives with her Mum in the area of Springburn in Glasgow, and after a recent review has presented some issues that have raised concern.

Conformity, compliance and adherence are all forms of social influence and these can occur when a person’s behaviour and emotions are being affected by other people, or groups of social classes. In some circumstances social influence can be direct in the shape of advertising and media, which are good examples of channels that can influence attitudes and behaviours. In other situations social influence can be very
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Wolf et al. (1978) conducted a study which measured specific parts of a consultation, to determine what actually resulted in patient satisfaction, on conclusion Wolf and his colleagues stated that three parts of the consultation were perceived by patients to have been detrimental in influencing patient satisfaction: (a) the cognitive aspect – satisfaction with the amount and quality of information provided by the health care professional; (b) the affective aspect – the extent to which the patient feels that the health care professional listened, understood and was interested; and (c) the behavioural aspect – the patients evaluation of the healthcare professionals competence in the consultation.
Other studies have looked at the frequency of paediatric non-adherence across a range of illnesses. They found that adherence levels were at or below fifty per cent of prescribed dosages are common. (Rapoff, 1999). Poor adherence rates have been commonly highlighted as a particular problem for children with asthma (Coutts et al., 1992)
According to the National Asthma Council (2003) adherence can be defined as ‘A term that focuses more on the patient’s commitment to regime. It is based on responsible negotiations and more patient empowerment than compliance’.
In this case, the contributing factors that maybe influencing her current behaviours, while taking into account social influences; could be that she is feeling embarrassed within her peer group, as

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