Essay Psychology and It's Importance

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Psychology and It's Importance
What psychology means? What’s the function of psychology? Is it important? What’s the importance of it then? What do you call a person who studies psychology? There are a lot of questions concerning psychology and as you continue reading this article many of those queries will get answered accordingly.
Psychology means a theoretical, educational and applied science connecting the scientific study of mental operations and behavior or performance.
Psychology also refers to the application or usage of understanding, knowledge and skills to a number of areas of human activity, involving issues concerning withdaily activities such as education, events, people and their task, employment,
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It can help us avoid things that cause stress; it can help us manage our time to a greater degree and help us set goals, be more effective in our studies or chosen career and last but not least it can help us tackle mental illnesses.
As a writer, psychology is important as it helps me in understanding myself better, it helps me to perceive things positively, and it assists me in determining the things that I enjoy doing the most and the kind of stuff I like to write about. It also helps me in the way I handle things in life, the way I face challenges and problems that occur at an unexpected time and of course the way take decisions in my everyday life.
Different Subfields of Psychology
• Abnormal Psychology – primarily focused on the study of abnormal behavior. The study is conducted to determine, describe, predict, explain, illustrate and change abnormal patterns of performance. It studies the nature of psychopathology and its causes. It is very applicable in treating the patient with psychological disorders.
• Biological Psychology – scientific study of biological basis of behavior and mental condition. Since the person’s behavior is controlled by the nervous system, biological psychologist suggested to examine the way the brain operate in order to comprehend the person’s behavior.
• Cognitive Psychology – studies cognition or the mental processes bring about behavior. Various subjects included to this field are perception, learning, problem

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